RTV2 liquid silicone rubber for stone mold making

Product DescriptionRTV2 liquid silicone rubber for stone mold makingCondensation tin cure molding silicone rubber, Tin-based silicone, also called condensation-cure silicone, are two-component materia

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Product Description

RTV2 liquid silicone rubber for stone mold making

Condensation tin cure molding silicone rubber, Tin-based silicone, also called condensation-cure silicone, are two-component materials which cure at room temperature (RTV) to flexible, high tear-strength rubbers. Tin cured silicone can be poured onto models or they can be made brush-able by adding a Thixotropic additive. They are ideal for molds where easy release or high temperature resistance is required. 


 Very good flowability 
• Middle Shore A hardness (approx. 30) 
• Excellent tear strength 
• High elongation and flexibility 
• Little rate of deformation and shrinkage
• High temperature resist,high tear resist

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How to make mold?

Please weight 100 Part A base and 2 parts of organic tin catalyst in a clean container.Thoroughly stir Part A base 

silicone before use, as filler separation may occur upon prolonged storage. Mixing Part A and Part B evenly until part B completely dispersed in the base. Hand or mechanical mixing can be used,but do not for an extended period of time or allow the temperature to exceed 35°C. Mix suitably small quantities to ensure thorough mixing of base and catalyst.
It is strongly recommended that entrapped air be removed in a vacuum chamber,allowing the mix to completely expand and then collapse. After a further 1-2 minute under vacuum,the mix should be inspected and can be used if free of air bubbles. A volume increase of 3-5 times will occur on vacuum de-airing the mixture. So a suitably large container should be chosen.

2.Pouring the mixture and curing
Pour the mixed Part A base silicone and part B organic tin catalyst as soon as possible onto the original,avoiding air entrapment.The catalyzed material will cure to a flexible rubber within 6 hours(or faster by different mixing ratio or room temperature),we advice you de-mold after 24 hours ,it is will improve the replicate times of silicone mold.

Packing & Delivery


PartA(silicone): 1kg/bottle, 5kg/drum, 25kg/drum, and 200kg/drum

PartB(catalyst):40g/bottle, 0.2kg/bottle, 1kg/bottle, and 2kg/bottle

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